Sunday, 26 February 2017

Wise advice from a wise woman

Prawn & Spinach Noodles

Carole's Chatter: Prawn & Spinach Noodles

This simple dish – Prawn & Spinach Noodles – doesn't require any specialised technique.  You do need to be guided by your taste but other than that it is a doddle.


Noodles – I used thick cut ones
Prawns – defrosted
1 block of frozen spinach
Cayenne pepper
Fish sauce (or salt)
Chicken stock cube
Red chilli
Spring onion (scallion)
½ a capful of Chinese black vinegar (balsamic would be fine)


Bring your water and stock cube to the boil.  Add your noodles and cook until they are tender.  Then add everything else.  Taste and season to your liking – whether that means more fish sauce or even maybe a touch of sugar.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

A wise African saying

The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins

I CAUGHT this morning morning’s minion, king-
  dom of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding
  Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding
High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing
In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,
  As a skate’s heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding
  Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird,—the achieve of; the mastery of the thing!

Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here
  Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!

  No wonder of it: shéer plód makes plough down sillion
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
  Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermillion.

I thought I'd share this poem with you today.  It's a bit difficult to understand  but if you say it aloud the words flow and finish on that loveliest of words – vermillion (although I would normally spell in with only one L).